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New chicks again

Our main product during the first year of operation will likely be pasture-raised broiler chickens. Later we plan on diversifying into a number of other products, but many of those take a long time to mature – cattle take a couple years, and fruit trees may take a decade. So, a lot of the early-ramp-up stage will be focused on getting the broiler operation going. Part of the medium-term plan for the broiler operation will be to experiment with new in-house cross-breed broilers that are particularly well-suited for a pasture-centered life, and yet still yield tender, delicious meat. So, to that end, I ordered a handful of chicks from some promising heritage breeds that will become of my first attempt at a breeding program. They’ll still have many months before they’d be of breeding age, but in the mean time, you can enjoy their pictures.

DSC_1557 (Medium)

DSC_1548 (Medium)

DSC_1546 (Medium)

DSC_1541 (Medium)

DSC_1536 (Medium)

DSC_1529 (Medium)

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